In their latest musical testament ‘Evenfall of the Apocalypse,’ Ascended Dead emerges from the infernal depths with an awe-striking vehemence, delivering a blend of death metal that revels in its primitive roots while audaciously redefining the genre’s boundaries. Their relentless, breakneck fury is balanced with precision and finesse, an embodiment of brutal musical alchemy, where the relentless whirlwind of discord and chaos is structured within an iron-wrought framework of technical proficiency.

Operating on an almost primordial level of savagery, their fierce intensity tears through the flesh of complacency, laced with technically complex leads that scythe through the listener’s senses, as if dissecting bone from marrow. Yet, the band’s meticulous craftsmanship ensures an undercurrent of structure and memorability amidst the tumult, an often-neglected aspect in the realm of raw death metal.

Unexpectedly, their dexterity extends to the hauntingly somber strains of ‘Passage to Eternity,’ a darkly acoustic piece that offers a brief, yet impactful respite from the auditory assault. However, as ‘Evenfall of the Apocalypse’ continues to spin, it cements Ascended Dead’s paramount status at the forefront of the death metal sphere, relentlessly driving their standard deeper into the blood-soaked soil of the genre’s future. Their blend of violent, authentic death metal roars triumphantly, signaling the dawn of an epoch that will shape and influence the soundscape of extreme music.

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