BONGRIPPER Empty (sea blue)


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Bongripper presents Empty on sea blue variant.

Sold Out


Bongripper presents Empty on sea blue variant.

Bongripper is a four-piece instrumental doom band from Chicago. Since 2006 they have released 7 full-length albums.

Bongripper stands as a colossal force in the doom metal landscape, renowned for their monumental, all-instrumental soundscapes. The Chicago-based quartet excels in crafting dense, gripping compositions that oscillate between serene, atmospheric sections and devastating, seismic riffs. Their discography, including standout albums like “Satan Worshipping Doom” and “Miserable,” showcases a masterful blend of sludge, drone, and post-rock elements, all executed with meticulous precision. Foregoing vocals, they let their instruments narrate epic, dark tales, making each track a deep, immersive experience. Bongripper doesn’t just play music; they forge an overwhelming auditory journey, making them undeniable titans of doom metal.

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