Emerging from the murk of their debut LP, Cerebral Rot returns with a malignant sonic contagion in the form of ‘Excretion Of Mortality’. This latest offering from the band embodies the festering decadence and morbid allure intrinsic to underground Death Metal, escalating the genre’s grotesque charm to new, nauseating heights.

Steeped in a toxic swamp of radioactive filth, the album blossoms like a malignant tumor, unleashing a brutality so overwhelming that it threatens to consume all who dare to listen. The production on ‘Excretion Of Mortality’ is a masterclass in achieving maximum barbarity, from the flesh-ripping resonance of the guitars to the colossal rhythm section and Schwab’s apocalyptic vocal assault. Despite the seemingly crude bludgeoning of the tracks, there’s a surgical precision embedded within the album’s grotesque veneer, attesting to the band’s meticulous craftsmanship.

Upon concluding their recording sessions at Jack Endino’s Soundhouse Studio in Seattle, the band left an indelible mark with the lingering stench of their latest creation. ‘Excretion Of Mortality’ perpetuates its vile presence, standing at the crossroads between the repulsive and the profound, serving as a grim testament to the band’s commitment to the putrid core of true Death Metal.

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