CUPHEAD Don’t Deal With The Devil



The ‘Best Of’ Cuphead soundtrack, a 2xLP collection, masterfully encapsulates the game’s 1930s jazz-infused, hand-painted world, presenting an auditory tour-de-force by Kristofer Maddigan, who seems to transport us back to the era of copper-horned phonographs and big band music, now featuring exclusive solos not previously available on vinyl.



Cuphead’s soundtrack, ‘Don’t Deal with the Devil’, is a sensational musical experience that showcases the game’s unwavering commitment to an authentically vintage atmosphere. It transports listeners to a bygone era while simultaneously providing a modern spin that feels fresh and exciting.

With over 50 tracks composed by Kristofer Maddigan, the soundtrack offers a comprehensive journey through jazz, big band, and ragtime styles, all reminiscent of the 1930s. The use of live instrumentation makes each tune feel more authentic, while the variety of compositions provides something for every musical palate, from the upbeat title theme to the suspenseful boss battle tracks.

The music of ‘Don’t Deal with the Devil’ pairs perfectly with the game’s visually striking, hand-drawn animation style. Each track elevates the game’s scenarios, from frantic boss fights to peaceful strolls through idyllic landscapes. Maddigan’s compositions manage to mirror the frenetic pace and the charming aesthetics of the game, creating a harmonic unity that bolsters the overall experience.

In conclusion, ‘Don’t Deal with the Devil’ is a celebration of old-school jazz and a testament to Maddigan’s compositional brilliance. Its ability to evoke a unique period ambiance while still being deeply engaging to the contemporary listener is no small feat. For fans of Cuphead and aficionados of vibrant, period-specific music, this soundtrack is an absolute must-listen.

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