CUPHEAD The Last Delicious Course



In ‘The Delicious Last Course’ collection, maestro Kristofer Maddigan takes the beloved old-timey tunes of Cuphead to unexpected yet touching heights, offering an emotionally vibrant, big band-infused soundtrack that encapsulates the character’s feelings and concludes an epic journey, complemented by extra treats from developer Studio MDHR, including family recipes and an exclusive illustrated poster.



With the highly anticipated expansion ‘The Delicious Last Course,’ Cuphead once again proves that its charm isn’t limited to visual aesthetics alone. The accompanying soundtrack adds another layer of richness to the game’s allure, with tracks that brim with the same love for classic animation as the game’s art style.

The soundtrack pulls listeners into its immersive world from the very first notes. Echoing the original game’s music, it pays tribute to 1930s jazz and big band compositions while ensuring a distinct flavor fitting the expansion’s new narrative and locations. Each track perfectly complements the frenzied, yet exhilarating, boss battles and challenging platforming sequences, creating an experience that’s both challenging and delightful.

Composer Kristofer Maddigan, the mastermind behind the original Cuphead soundtrack, delivers another standout performance here. His work on ‘The Delicious Last Course’ captures the quirky and whimsical vibe of the game, while adding new melodic structures and complex rhythms. The compositions feel fresh yet familiar, providing the perfect backdrop for Cuphead and Mugman’s new adventures.

In essence, the soundtrack of ‘Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course’ serves as a delightful continuation of the game’s love letter to the golden age of animation and jazz music. It’s a brilliant blend of classic musical stylings and modern innovation, resulting in a captivating auditory experience that leaves the listener eager for one more round.

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