The sheer volume of top-notch thrash metal released in 2020 was one of the few positives, and 2021 is starting similarly. For a time now, ENFORCED have been hailed as the genre’s greatest hopes thanks to the sheer face-ripping brilliance of 2019’s “At The Walls” debut. “Kill Grid” is a guaranteed cause for joy.

Intense thrash and speed metal from Richmond, Virginia, with a tremendous sense that their songs might actually punch you in the face if you don’t headbang throughout. With an occasional suggestion of hardcore’s brutal simplicity, but with a very clear and necessary connection to the harshest, nastiest bands from Thrash’s initial wave.

ENFORCED have mastered the dynamics and groove-driven power of thrash while penning some absolutely brilliant future anthems. In “Malignance,” ENFORCED mix vicious proto-death metal with pit-friendly SUICIDAL-saluting speedcore; “Curtain Fire,” ENFORCED start like a sublime off-cut from “South of Heaven,” before chugging with panzer-like persistence towards a devastating, devilish payoff; “Blood Ribbon,” and “Hemorrhage,” ENFORCED use mid-tempo heft and clinical changes

“Kill Grid” emphasises the power of nailing the basics. One of the album’s highlights is the title track, a seven-minute epic thrash that begins like a slow-motion Armageddon and concludes with a distorted bass spiralling off into the bloodied ether. In actuality, it’s the one moment on “Kill Grid” that shows ENFORCED has a progressive streak hidden. If they keep releasing this quality SLAYER-ized mayhem, it’s hard to picture anyone complaining. To put it simply, thrash metal needs regular infusions of new blood, and ENFORCED provide just that. It’ll rip your face off.

  • 01. The Doctrine
  • 02. UXO
  • 03. Beneath Me
  • 04. Malignance
  • 05. Kill Grid
  • 06. Curtain Fire
  • 07. Hemorrhage
  • 08. Blood Ribbon
  • 09. Trespasser

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