G.I.S.M. Military Affairs Neurotic

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With originals going for up to 800 euros on ebay, this is the holy grail of japanese hardcore. Released back in 1987, gism’s second album sounds as violent and noisy as their groundbreaking debut ‘detestation’ but also embraces hints of nwobhm and early industrial. Sounding like a cross between iron maiden, conflict, bathory, and early ministry, this is the album that freed hardcore and reinvented it. Reissued as an exact repro of the original in purple vinyl, with color insert and silkscreened pvc sleeve. Also includes an exact repro of the giant 50×70 hyper rare poster that came with the first, mailorder-only, original copies! Be the envy of your squat! Tracklisting: 01. Good as it is 02. Frozen dirt 03. Nations prosperity 04. Anatomy love violence gism 05. Meaning corrucpted 1 “fatigue” 06. M.A.N. (Military affairs neurotic) 07. Meaning corrupted 2 “degeneration”VINYL :black

Out of stock

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