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Terra Incognita is the debut album released by French death metal band Gojira. It was recorded and mixed by Laurentx Etxemendi. According to a text on the album inlay, the title (Latin for unknown land) refers to the area inside of each man, where, according to Hindu legend, Brahma hid the divinity that he had taken from humanity for the punishment of its abuse. In 2009, the album was re-released in a limited edition digipack including three bonus tracks.[3] The 2009 issues of the album were for a limited time only and was eventually reissued once again 7 years later on October 10, 2016. Prior to these two reissues and the following years after the 2009 reissue, copies of the album were getting hard to find and were often selling at higher prices on auction sites and sought after by fans following long periods of time being out of print.

The man posing on the album cover is guitarist Christian Andreu.

The song 04 was made by Joe and Mario as a birthday present for their mother on her 50th birthday and was never intended to be released at all. The phonecall at the beginning of the song is the brothers uncle who left a voice-mail greeting his sister.

Track listing

No. Title Length

  • 1. Clone   5:00
  • 2. Lizard Skin   4:32
  • 3. Satan Is a Lawyer   4:25
  • 4. 04 (instrumental) 2:11
  • 5. Blow Me Away You(niverse)   5:12
  • 6. 5988 Trillions de Tonnes (instrumental) 1:20
  • 7. Deliverance   4:56
  • 8. Space Time   5:23
  • 9. On the B.O.T.A   2:49
  • 10. Rise   5:12
  • 11. Fire Is Everything   4:59
  • 12. Love   4:22
  • 13. 1990 Quatrillions de Tonnes   4:17
  • 14. In the Forest   12:11

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