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Gold / Black Galaxy.In 2009 Iron Age unleashed their second LP ‘The Sleeping Eye’ upon the world like a many-tentacled monstrosity, ripping to shreds boundaries between epic Heavy Metal and punishing hardcore. Now 10 years on from its initial foray into earthly realms ‘The Sleeping Eye’ has awakened again as 20 Buck Spin re-releases the now legendary Texas crossover masterpiece. Pushing forward from their 2006 ’Constant Struggle’ debut LP, ‘The Sleeping Eye’ presents crossover with an arid menacing desolation and bold spirit confidently going beyond the genre’s limits to introduce tastefully complex arrangements and experimentation with style. Working equally as individual songs and a distinct conceptual whole, Iron Age forged an LP of lasting importance and influence. Adorned with new artwork by Wyrmwalk to more fully embrace the deeply-rooted Lovecraftian madness at the album’s core, ‘The Sleeping Eye’ 10 years later remains as powerful as ever, reigniting the Iron Age, and its impact can be widely felt throughout the metal/hardcore scene of the last decade. Related Items

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