JANE'S ADDICTION Ritual De Lo Habitual (2Lp/140G/Pearl White )


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JANE’S ADDICTION Ritual De Lo Habitual (2Lp/140G/Pearl White )

In stock

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Jane’s Addiction’s second album, Ritual de lo Habitual, released in 1990, is a classic example of the genre-mashing eclecticism that would characterise rock in the next decade. The nine-song opus bops restlessly between a metalized spin on Red Hot Chili Peppers funk-rock, Zeppelin-indebted hard-rock, and more, dipping into prog-rock grandeur on “Then She Did” and unleashing a psychedelic sprawl on the 10-minute standout, “Three Days,” with lyrics that dwell on love, loss, death, and rebirth. On wax, it absolutely comes to life.

  • Stop! 4:14
  • No One’s Leaving 3:01
  • Ain’t No Right 3:34
  • Obvious 5:55
  • Been Caught Stealing 3:34
  • Three Days 10:48
  • Then She Did… 8:18
  • Of Course 7:02
  • Classic Girl 5:07

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