KAL-EL Moon People EP (Voyager Edition)



Voyager Edition
180-gram 12″ heavyweight vinyl
Red/orange marbled



The latest EP from Kal-el is now out on superior quality vinyl, distinguished by a screen-printed B-side, in a singular pressing that’s not set for reissue. “Moon People” is presented in two distinct versions plus a signed test pressing adorned with ShaneHorror’s special artwork.

In the Luna Edition, a 180-gram 12″ vinyl features a novel blue and white splatter design within its color scheme, neatly packaged in a sleeve with a 3mm spine and safeguarded in a black poly-lined sleeve. This edition is further characterized by the Kal-el insignia on the screen-printed B-side, enveloped in a protective plastic cover, available at a 33 rpm playback, with a mere 150 copies existing.

Conversely, the Voyager Edition is encapsulated in a vibrant red/orange marbled vinyl of the same weight and dimensions. Mirroring the premium packaging and screen-printed insignia of the Luna Edition, this variant ensures a singular auditory delight at 33 rpm, maintaining the same level of exclusivity with only 150 copies in circulation.

Additional information

Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 32 × 32 × .5 cm

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