KAL-EL Witches of Mars (witchcraft edition)



Witchcraft Edition
180-gram heavyweight vinyl
Bi-color with a swirl



Kal-El’s renowned “Witches of Mars” album is back on vinyl, enhanced with new artwork by Steven Yoyada. Renowned for its groundbreaking sound, the album transcends traditional genres, merging intense guitar riffs, mysterious lyrics, and alluring melodies to depict Mars’s magical and witch-filled landscape. Each track tells a fascinating tale, inviting listeners on a surreal adventure. Showcasing the band’s diverse talent and originality from the start, “Witches of Mars” merges stoner rock with mystical elements, offering a unique journey for those craving a mystical auditory experience.

Available in two special editions, plus a rare signed test pressing with ShaneHorror’s artwork, “Witches of Mars” offers something for collectors. The Witchcraft Edition boasts a 180-gram vinyl with a special bi-color swirl, accompanied by a single sleeve, a 3mm spine, a 30x60cm color insert, a black lined inner sleeve, and a protective cover, all at 33 rpm, limited to just 250 copies. The Red Planet Edition features a 180-gram splatter-pattern vinyl, similar packaging, and the same limited availability, ensuring an exclusive addition to any collection.

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Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 32 × 32 × .5 cm

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