KING DIAMOND Fatal Portrait Reissue


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KING DIAMOND Fatal Portrait Reissue

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Fatal Portrait is the debut album by Danish heavy metal band King Diamond. It was produced by Rune Hoyer and released in 1986 via Roadrunner Records. Guitarist Andy LaRocque joined the album recording sessions at the last minute, as the band’s second guitarist at the time “wasn’t working out” in the studio.[3] As a result, it is the only King Diamond album which does not feature any writing credits from LaRocque. Recording a solo for “Dressed in White” functioned as his audition for joining the band.[3] Along with The Spider’s Lullabye, it is one of the band’s only albums which is not a whole concept album.


  • The Candle 6:38
  • The Jonah 5:15
  • The Portrait 5:06
  • Dressed In White 3:09
  • Charon 4:14
  • Lurking In The Dark 3:33
  • Halloween 4:12
  • Voices From The Past 1:29
  • Haunted 3:54

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