KORB EHAA From the Mountains to the Oceans (cream)



Limited edition – cream



“From the Mountains to the Oceans” is an impressive fusion of transatlantic talents featuring UK’s space-kraut duo, Korb, and Canada’s multi-instrumentalist, El Hombre Al Agua, alongside Dom Keen. Together, these virtuosos have created two extended space jams, exploring the gamut from minimal atmospheric ambience to psych rock, crafting an aural landscape filled with analogue synths, electric and acoustic guitars, organ, bass, drums, and percussion. The album’s two tracks, ‘Pathway to the Gods’ and ‘Chemistry and Chaos’, weave from eerie, atmospheric drones into full-on Kosmische rock, creating a mystic energy that’s both enveloping and liberating.

Despite the geographical distance separating the contributors, the seamless cohesion in their music indicates an impressive synchronicity. This is their second joint release, following 2021’s Arboria II, and it continues their legacy of producing engrossing space jams that leave listeners in a mesmerizing trance. From the captivating intensity of ‘Pathway to the Gods’ to the immersive, free-form cosmic soundscape of ‘Chemistry and Chaos’, “From the Mountains to the Oceans” is a testament to the power of collaborative experimentation in creating expansive and timeless music. This album is a fascinating journey that transcends time and space, providing an unforgettable voyage through sound.

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