Los Tabanos Experience Rise of the Melted Eagle (red)


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Los Tabanos Experience Rise of the Melted Eagle (red)

After the fantastic reception that ‘Atlantis Mirage’ from Los Tabanos Experience received, I couldn’t wait to hear what those Chilean psych/stoner-rockers would come up with next. Well, the wait wasn’t long, with only 8 months separating this new release from their debut vinyl LP. The added bonus is that this new album is a double LP, pressed on red vinyl and housed in a gorgeous gatefold sleeve with the most splendid artwork supplied once again by Andrea Nakasato (and, boy, has she outdone herself this time around!). The band describe the style of their music as ‘ImproWeed’ (apparently they are partial to the odd herbal cigarette) and I couldn’t better describe the mixture of psych, stoner-rock, krautrock, jazz and improv that they produce. Whereas their last record, (‘Atlantis Mirage’ released in January this year on DRR), had an underwater theme and accompanying aural vibe, ‘Rise of the Melted Eagle’ is pure fire with a much more uplifting sonic bombardment. This double vinyl album really is the full package and highlights a band on top form who are able to meld a mixture of styles and genres to create a soaring masterpiece.

Los Tábanos Experience (LTX) is a collective of musical improvisers composed of members from various diverse bands in Chile. They share the love of cannabis inspiration and the concerns relating to space, nature and transcendence of human existence. This musical coalition is made up of drummer and founder Kurt Heyer, Jimi Leighton on electric bass, Faiza Carvallo on Synthesizers and electronic devices and a line up of 4 (yes 4!) guitarists in Wofo Vergara, Karloncho Lihn, Tinaco Hirmas and Iván Cáceres The music of Los Tábanos Experience walks between space rock, heavy psychedelia and improvised jams.

In January 2019 the band released ‘Atlantis Mirage’, which was recorded totally improvised, and seeks to evoke visions of the underwater world and its mysteries. The vinyl version was released on Drone Rock Records.

In September 2019 the band released the follow up LP, ‘Rise of the Melted Eagle’ which will be released as a double vinyl LP on Drone Rock Records in October 2019.

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