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Beneath the faded light of milwaukee’s infamous “polish moon” clock tower (a structure built for the sole intent of dominating the night sky and the view of it’s immigrant residents) three bleary eyed mystics brew stoner hymns dedicated to baphomet bongsmoke pontiac muscle and 70’s rock n’ rollers. Following a doomed path tred by true heavy fanatics before them a path that will always remain for those dedicated to the riff; moon curse walk with intent to play loud and proud! Keith bangs the drums rochelle strums the squier p bass and matt breaks orange amplifiers and howls. One could cite sabbath (duh!) Zeppelin or a handful of other protometal-fuzz-stoner-whatever-rock as influnces but you get the idea! You know it! You love it! So … Get cursed! Some may question the validity of comparing them to uncle acid given the almost dizzyingly high pedestal they’re currently atop but to hell with it i’m sticking to my guns. That same doomy psychedelic style is there in droves whaling eerily at its highs and growling with a gut thumping rumble at it’s lows. Which for me is actually where they outshine uncle acid as there just seems to be that little bit more diversity. More twists and turns to retain your attention. You can hear an evident inspiration sure but it’s far from any kind of rip off before you jump to that conclusion. Moon curse have carved out their own sort of niche within the genre. Adding a extra layer of what i can only really describe as furiously or directed anger to their style in certain places. The switching of vocal style mid song is also used to full roaring effect too most evidently in the final track black elk. Beginning with a wholly impressive harmonic that flows perfectly along with the bass as the track progresses through the six minute mark the darkness draws in and matt cranks up the tone to a melodic metal before opting for a balls out crushing doom roar. To say that flitting that effortlessly from beautiful to brutal is a skill would be an understatement. But matt rochelle and keith have clearly managed to really click together and it shows in every single track. What more could you possible ask for? You’re given big screaming sabbath esque riffs awesome vocals that sound like they’re being bellowed from within a church hall and an overall tone that would be no more at home than if it was to be laid directly over clips of 60’s and 70’s cult horror films. In fact i’m really tempted to put on witchfinder general stick this on repeat then drop a heroic dose of mushrooms … For fans of uncle acid & the deadbeats mountain witch windhand elder salem’s pot. (Thanks to jay @ ride with the devil!) Vinyl factz – 100x white w/ green (exclusive mailorder edition) – 200x clear w/ white – all high-quality heavy 180g vinyl – pressed in germany – matt laquered 300gsm gatefold cover – handnumbered – especially mastered for vinyl – incl. 1 Bonus track tracks a1. Medicinecoma 5:42 a2. Northern high 7:11 a3. Seminary woods 9:10 (bonus track!) B1. Brontis 5:43 b2. Chandra 2:05 b3. Black elk 8:45 total: 35:52

Out of stock

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