O.S.T. Turkey Shoot


Tracklist a1 main title / radio freedom a2 turkey shoot theme a3 camp 47. Re-education & behavior modification a4 all deviants report to centre compound a5 freedom is obedience obedience is work. Work is life a6 suitable targets a7 thatcher’s ball games a8 shower scene a9 embrace a10 don’t worry my dear he has already eaten. A11 a little sport a little hunt a12 do we really have a chance? A13 nightfall a14 the hunt begins a15 head start a16 jungle trap / jungle sorrow b1 tractor pursuit b2 crossbow standoff b3 shrunken heads b4 you’re a sharp man ritter b5 cut him down to size b6 hot & ready b7 the cane field burn b8 swamp escape / beach fight b9 open season b10 revolution begins with the misfits (end titles)

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