Cardinal fuzz are evil hoodoo are proud to present the debut self titled album from old testament. Old testament a band formed in los angeles in the year 5772 and fronted by singer and songwriter jason simon of dead meadow. When jason started accumulating songs that he felt fell outside the realm of the riff and heavy fuzz of dead meadow he decided to form a new band that tell of a long lost america as envisioned by harry e. Smith in his anthology of haunting blue backwords ballads and god- fearing gospel. Warbling guitars electric organ singing drums blown out harmonica and droning harmonium come together to create a sound residing somewhere between dock boggs dylan the band’s basement tapes and one of fred neil’s raga-inspired improvisations as old testament emerge from the eerie haze of a long-lost america a land filled with droning backwords ballads and haunting blues. Featuring jason simon on the vox n guitar the masterful drum work of ryan rapsys the mournful howl of oak munson’s harp the always tasteful nate ryan on the organ and guitar and the beautiful jessica senteno on the harmonium.

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