OPETH Morningrise Abbey Road Remasters (SILVER)



Abbey Road Remaster Green 2LP



Unleashed in 1996, Opeth’s ‘Morningrise’ is a five-track wonder, fusing the brute force of death metal with the calmness of folk and the sophistication of progressive rock. The inaugural track ‘Advent’ submerges the listener in Opeth’s unique auditory world, marked by Mikael Åkerfeldt’s dynamic vocal range and the band’s enhanced musical spectrum.

The key characteristic of ‘Morningrise’ lies in its striking balance between harsh metal components and soothing acoustic interludes, notably captured in ‘The Night and the Silent Water.’ The album further spotlights the rhythmic talents of drummer Anders Nordin and bassist Johan De Farfalla, forming a solid rhythmic base for the progressive journey of ‘Nectar’ and the expansive, 20-minute concluding track, ‘Black Rose Immortal.’

‘Morningrise’ signifies a crucial progression in Opeth’s illustrious musical journey, demonstrating their aptitude for seamlessly blending disparate genres and pioneering musical creativity. While its complex strata may require multiple listens to appreciate fully, the exploration is rewarding, affirming ‘Morningrise’ as a requisite piece in the history of progressive metal.

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