RESTLESS SPIRIT – Blood of the Old Gods



RESTLESS SPIRIT Blood of the Old Gods – Limited DIY Pressing. A stunning debut for FFO Mastodon, High on Fire and Psychonaut.
Ship out Jan 31.



Featured Number 1 position on December Doom Charts.

“A masterclass of Progressive Sludge/Stoner Metal with all of the songs being equally as good as each other. (…) Prepare yourself for a first-rate musical adventure where the “the riff is king.” Outlaws of the Sun (UK)“A turbo-charged, all-inclusive extrapolation of Sabbathian doom with a vicious character and an absolute monopoly on righteous riffs across all tempos, shapes, and sizes.” Invisible Oranges (USA) “Restless Spirit absolutely refuse to choose between more complicated musical ideas and the absolute swagger which powers every single one of their riffs.” Heavy Blog Is Heavy (USA)

  • 1. The Betrayer 01:41
  • 2. Judgement and Exile 08:28
  • 3. Crooked Timber of Humanity 05:47
  • 4. The Reclaimer 01:19
  • 5. Cascade Immolator 05:43
  • 6. Blood of the Old Gods 07:36
  • 7. Haunted 08:03

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Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 34 × 34 × 1 cm

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