SERGIO FERRARESI Horizons Vol 7 Galaxi


Galaxi by Sergio Ferraresi was originally released as library album on the old Italian family enterprise music label „Abramo Allione Srl“ in 1979. Only some hundred copies were given out back in the days and it don’t caused a big furor. In the past few years Galaxi got more and more hyped in the vinyl collector scene. That’s no wonder because the album brings 12 unbelievable electronic instrumental space disco tracks to the surface which still sounding extremely fresh. Especially dark and weired compositions that without any exaggeration could be described as a mixture between Black Devil and Air. However the original LP album was hardly ever offered for sale and as far as we are concerned the last original Galaxi vinyl album sold in 2012 (at a price of 270 €). So this re-release makes sense, bringing some straight Italien disco productions back to the music fans and the dancefloor. Enjoy this lost and unconsumed music masterpiece! Smashing audio quality, loud pressing, 24 bit technology dubbing of the original Abramo Allione master tape! Coverartwork by John Berkey (the artist who designed the 1970’s an 1980’s STAR WARS movie posters!!!)VINYL :colour

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Weight .8 kg
Dimensions 34 × 34 × .8 cm

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