SLIFT Ilion (loser editon, black and red)



Loser Edition – Black Red



SLIFT’s ‘ILION’ is a colossal force in rock music, seamlessly blending metal’s intensity, psychedelic guitar mastery, and post-rock’s grandeur. This Toulouse trio, including the Fossat brothers and Canek Flores, astonishes with their sonic power, evident since their 2017 debut ‘Space Is the Key’. They reached new heights with their viral KEXP session in 2019, leading to their transformative 2020 album ‘UMMON’.

‘ILION’ is a tour-de-force, reminiscent of Godspeed! You Black Emperor’s uplifting surge and Led Zeppelin’s mystic blues-rock. But it’s more than its influences – it’s an immersive journey. Over eight tracks, SLIFT crafts an epic soundscape, from the deep ‘ILION’ to the climactic ‘The Story That Has Never Been Told’, demonstrating their unparalleled skill in forging new rock horizons.

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