SLIPKNOT All Hope Is Gone 2022 Reissue (orange) PREORDER



Official 2022 reissue on double orange vinyl.



Slipknot have not taken their foot off the gas for even a second.

Continuing to push at the edges of the genre as they did on Volume 3, All Hope Is Gone is dark, aggressive and compelling, vocalist Corey Taylor displaying a vocal versatility that he is unafraid to put on display.

Musically, All Hope Is Gone is an electrical charge riffage, beats and scratching that will send your neurons and synapses off involuntarily, like it or not.

Official 2022 reissue on double orange vinyl.

Side A 1. .execute. 2. Gematria (The Killing Name) 3. Sulfur

Side B 1. Psychosocial 2. Dead Memories 3. Vendetta

Side C 1. Butcher’s Hook 2. Gehenna 3. This Cold Black

Side D 1. Wherein Lies Continue 2. Snuff 3. All Hope Is Gone

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