SONIC DEMON Vendetta (black and white haze)


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Limited to 250 copies
180-gram heavyweight vinyl

Out of stock

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Italian duo Sonic Demon deliver a lethal dose of post-Electric Wizard grit fuzz and druggy echoed snarl to their debut full-length, Vendetta, showcasing a particularly nasty low end vibe on the track “Black Smoke” and staying in it for the duration on the tracks “Fire Meteorite” and the 40-minute second half’s closer “Cosmic Eyes.”
Such is the absolute swamp the Sonic Demon has created that its quicker songs appear slow, which implies that “Unhhh” must be especially sludgy to feel as nodding out as it does.
“Blood and Fire” and “Serpent Witch” aren’t used as lyrical decoys to offset the songs that precede them. Instead, they work to complete the music’s trance.
If you can’t endure the drudgery, you will not make it through the quicker-paced last section of “Serpent Witch.”

Limited to 250 copies
180-gram heavyweight vinyl
Single sleeve with 3mm spine
Full color double-sided insert
Black poly-lined inner sleeve
33 rpm heaviness
Vinyl comes in black and white haze
A3 poster designed by Devil’s Witches

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Weight .4 kg
Dimensions 34 × 34 × 1 cm

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