STEAK Slab City


Limited mailorder edition exclusive to kozmik artifacts. They say the british prefer their steak bloody almost most of them still eat it raw. However here lies an english piece of meat ahead that has been cooked through and previously depended rather well. One could almost say that this thing is really nice and dry. “Dry” is the right term for describing the sound of these four young men from london. Nothing is inflated anything artificial and nothing pimped. Slab city sounds like a smelly rehearsal room beer sweat and honest work. Dry groovy stoner rock inspired by genre greats such as dozers freedom hawk fu manchu or of course the almighty kyuss associated with a few spacey influences from the psychedelic monster magnet corner. The band was founded in 2010 previously published two eps which kicked up dust not only because of its immensely powerful songs but also because of their original comic artwork with clear concept. The alter egos of the four band members fight in the comic strips the evil forces of evil lazarus and these sometimes very humorous stories will of course find their way into the lyrics. Steak – certainly not an everyday stoner band. 1. Coma 2. Liquid gold 3. Slab city 4. Pisser 5. Quaaludes and interludes 6. Roadhead 7. Machine 8. Hanoid 9. Rising 10. Old timer d.W (bonus track)

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Weight .8 kg
Dimensions 34 × 34 × .8 cm

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