STONE HOUSE ON FIRE Time is a Razor (white)



STONE HOUSE ON FIRE Time is a Razor (white)



First Press

250x LTD White Vinyl Band & Label Stickers

Stone House on Fire can be described as a brazilian late 60’s/ early 70’s throwback rock band with unique contemporary twists. The band creates its identity by mixing heavy psychedelic elements, latin spices with the classic fuzzy guitars, some blues and live jam performances reminiscent of Cream, Os Mutantes, Blue Cheer, Graveyard and The Flying Eyes – an homage to old and new influences with no fear to explore new atmospheres, and make new combinations. Stone House on Fire captures the feeling of a familiar, nostalgic place with a whole new flavor added to it, resulting in a visceral, energic sound.

  • Bitter Times
  • Despite
  • Waterfall
  • Uzumaki
  • White Canvas
  • The Weight

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