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This is a huge project for Sula Bassana and took a whole year to finish. Some kind of a retrospective, but with mostly never on CD and wax released stuff!
Started by the idea of doing a 6-LP Box by Pancromatic Records in Norway (which this product is about!), Sula produced the CD version for his own label Sulatron.

This box contains 2 LPs of the album „Endless Winter“ (originally released in 2006 in a small run of CD-Rs, later also available on Bandcamp). Sula did 3 new recordings who fit in perfectly, to make it a proper double album. Endless Winter is a Guitar only album, played over many guitareffects, 2 loopstations and 2 amps. No overdubs were done, it’s all spontaneous improvisation.

Next 2 LPs are „Silent Music“, here Sula recorded 2 bonustracks with the same intention. This is a collection of very soft and/or quiet songs, played on a wide range of instruments: Guitar, Bass, Synthesizer, Piano, flute, soundbowls, cymbal etc. This album was also only out on a very small run of CD-Rs in 2009 and later also been uploaded to Bandcamp.

LP 5 contains Sula’s sides of the 2 split LPs he made in the past: Retronique from the split with Vibravoid in 2003 (Nasoni-Records). And Disappear from the split LP with 3AM (Chino Burga from La Ira De Dios, Culto al Qondor etc.) from 2014. These are composed songs and show a different side of Sula, compared to the first 4 LPs of this box. You can compare it more to his album „Dreamer“ or similar stuff.

LP 6 contains previously unreleased tracks from the last 10 years or so. Mostly crazy and spaced out electronic stuff, with some dub and trance influences and one Guitar driven psychrock freakout.

The beautifully marbled 180 gram vinyl-LPs come in 3 gatefold covers in a strong box. Limited to 500 copies worldwide! No reprint!
LPs 5 & 6 are mastered by Eroc.
Coverartwork painted by Dr. Knoche, layout by Sula.

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