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Embodying the most primal essence of Death Metal, Torture Rack exists to pulverize skulls and grind bones into submission with their brutal, gore-drenched sound. Their new album, ‘Primeval Onslaught,’ carries on this blood-spattered legacy, first witnessed in ‘Barbaric Persecution’ and ‘Malefic Humiliation.’ Their latest offering comes armed with a barrage of bone-tearing riffs and savage, flesh-ripping energy.

Torture Rack’s unfiltered brutality can be aptly described as Death Metal for the degenerate and the desecrator. The band revels in its violent carnage, eschewing the need for any rational justification or a broader purpose. Their singular aim is to extinguish life, hide the evidence, and exalt in the ensuing bloodbath.

With ‘Primeval Onslaught,’ Torture Rack’s songwriting and intent have been honed to lethal precision, each track packed with skin-hooking meathooks and incessant, surgical battery. Rarely exceeding the four-minute mark, the tracks mirror the efficient brutality of a seasoned predator, leaving behind a heap of bodies before there’s time to comprehend the aftermath of their brutal onslaught.

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