As part of their two-album burst of creativity, Ulthar presents ‘Anthronomicon’, an album that signifies their evolving mastery over a unique blend of technical death metal alchemy and stinging black metal winds, all colored with an absurdist’s brush.

From the initial onslaught and contorting frenzy of ‘Cephalopohre’, Ulthar bewilders with angular, distorted riffs, darting in and out of various dimensional spheres. Quick, erratic turns threaten to unravel, only to reform again into increasingly monumental forms. Each of the 8 tracks on ‘Anthronomicon’ represents a fragment of a larger, labyrinthine puzzle, each piece contributing to a journey through this inverted, surrealist enigma.

Now with three albums under their belt, Ulthar, composed of three experienced musicians, refuse to be just another death metal band. Instead, they persistently strive for heightened complexity and nuance, pursuing a relentless ascent to a transcendent, incongruous world beyond the ordinary; a realm of euphoric exaltation and bewildering awe.

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