UMBERTO Prophecy Of The Black Widow


“The one umberto performance we had the rad fortune to bear witness to involved at least a dozen dudes dads and ladies all on stage wearing sunglasses at night and shredding keyboards / keytars bathed in a sea of fog machinery and strobe lights and extraterrestrially-costumed interpretive dancers. Shit was beyond. Umberto mastermind matt hill allegedly went to legit music school back in the day and used to play bass for expo 70 (justin/expo released the debut umberto tape/cdr from the grave on his sonic meditations label) before splintering into his current electro-satanic goblin worship guise—and we for one can’t get enough. Prophecy of the black widow is his sophomore lp and though the badass evil italo goth-synth horror-score blueprint of grave remains the main variation is subtle vibe-shift from ‘70s argento/carpenter-isms into more early/mid-’80s new wave creep-scapes. There’s still plenty of eerie nightmare keyboard riffs and vintage witch-disco breakouts but the synths squelch with more of a neon retrofuturist bent and there’s even one brazenly feelgood soaring-into-the-sunset closing credits anthem (the literally-titled ‘everything is going to be okay’). Whatever prophecy prophecy is foretelling we’re on board. Black vinyl lps in jackets with sick fake-3d lettering and art by seth johnson.”—Nnf. Credits tracklist temple room the psychic red dawn widow of the web black candles night stalking someone chasing someone through a house everything is going to be okay

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Dimensions 34 × 34 × .8 cm

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