UNDEATH Its Time...To Rise From The Grave (Translucent Purple W/ White)


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UNDEATH Its Time…To Rise From The Grave (Translucent Purple W/ White)

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The members of Rochester, New York’s UNDEATH share a strongly life-affirming outlook despite their primary lyrical preoccupation and professed metal subgenre. “I think we all adore death metal so much because, when done well, it sits right at the confluence of pure musicianship and mindless enjoyment,” says vocalist Alexander Jones. He’s talking about a certain kind of fun: the spine-tingling thrill of campy horror flicks, of screaming uncontrollably for no apparent reason. It’s the frantic, absurd heartbeat that drives UNDEATH’s music.

  • A1 Fiend For Corpses 3:19
  • A2 Defiled Again 3:16
  • A3 Rise From The Grave 3:36
  • A4 Necrobionics 3:31
  • A5 Enhancing The Dead 3:55
  • B1 The Funeral Within 3:46
  • B2 Head Splattered In Seven Ways 3:50
  • B3 Human Chandelier 3:53
  • B4 Bone Wrought 2:39
  • B5 Trampled Headstones 3:59

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