VAULT OF HORROR PRESENTS: The Gates Of Hell Trilogy Deluxe Edition Box Set


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VAULT OF HORROR PRESENTS: The Gates Of Hell Trilogy Deluxe Edition Box Set

Vault Of Horror is proud to present this deluxe collector’s edition. The films that comprise director Lucio Fulci’s Gates Of Hell trilogy are all classics of the Italian horror genre. All were released at the height of the ‘video nasties’ and nearly 40 years on they remain firm fan favourites. Equally as popular are their soundtracks and this stunning set is guaranteed to take pride of place on all collector’s shelves.

LP1: Paura Nella Citta’ Dei Morti Viventi/ City Of The Living Dead – Fabio Frizzi
LP2: E Tu Vivrai Nel Terrore. L’Aldila/The Beyond – Fabio Frizzi
LP3: Quella Villa Accanto Al Cimetero/ The House By The Cemetery – Walter Rizzati & Alessandro Blonksteiner

3x 180G ‘nasty’ coloured vinyl in a lavish case-bound book package. Beautifully illustrated, painted and designed by genre legend Graham Humphreys.

Includes extensive liner notes by Italian Horror expert Alan Jones

LP: 1
01. Introduzione, Paura, Liberazione
02. Fatti Misteriosi
03. Irrealta’ Di Suoni
04. Occhi Di Brace
05. Verso L’Alba
06. Apoteosei Del Mistero
07. Suoni Dissonanti
08. Paura Viventi
09. Paura E Liberazione
10. Tenebre Viventi

LP: 2
01. Verso L’Ignoto
02. Voci Dal Nulla
03. Suono Aperto
04. Sequenza Coro E Orchestra
05. Oltre La Soglia
06. Voci Dal Nulla
07. Suono Aperto
08. Voci Dal Nulla
09. Giro Di Blues
10. Verso L’Ignoto
11. Sequenza Ritmica E Tema

LP: 3
01. Quella Villa
02. I Remember
03. Tema Bambino
04. Blonk Suspense
05. Blonk Monster End
06. Verso Il Terrore
07. Incontro
08. Tema Bambino
09. Blonk Monster
10. Voci Dal Terrore
11. Chi Sta Arrivando
12. Walt Monster End
13. Blonk Fascia
14. Verso Il Terrore
15. Tema Bambino

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