Single LP jacket with silver foil-stamp logo and metallic ink. Includes standard-sized insert and 24×36 poster (same as Foreverglade poster).

Following the breakthrough of ‘Foreverglade’ in 2021, Worm returns with ‘Bluenothing’, a 4-track, 26-minute mini-album that evokes a nocturnal atmosphere. It showcases the evolution of the band and hints at their future explorations.

The A side of ‘Bluenothing’ features two tracks from the mythical ‘Foreverglade’ sessions, retaining the crushing weight and allure that made the album a classic. These tracks also introduce the necromantic shredding of new guitarist Wroth Septentrion.

The B side unveils a different yet complementary stylistic command, delving into the unfathomable darkness and mysteries of Black Metal. ‘Invoking the Dragonmoon’ opens the gate to this obscure galaxy, while ‘Shadowside Kingdom’ showcases the tyrannical celestial necromancy of Phantom Slaughter and the darkly cascading melodies crafted by Nihilistic Manifesto. It stands as one of the best symphonic Black Metal tracks since the genre’s late 90s apex.

With ‘Bluenothing’, the ‘Foreverglade’ era of Worm comes to a ceremonial close, paving the way for the next chapter in their fanatical saga.

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