Single jacket LP with printed inner sleeve and a huge 24×36 inch poster.

WORM’s ‘Foreverglade’ emerges from the murky depths of the Floridian swamps as a grotesque aberration of nature. This album encapsulates a chilling fusion of oozing, crawling, and ancient stillness, hidden from mortal eyes for centuries, only to crumble into dust and dirt.

With unwavering ambition and a foundation rooted in tradition and ritual, ‘Foreverglade’ represents WORM’s truest form. The catacombs of funereal and oppressively heavy Death Doom expand, allowing the ominous obscurity of Black Metal to seep through like a cemetery stench. Amidst the grim darkness, there exists a haunting virtuosity and ghostly ethereality that captures the eerie beauty of the swamps and its hidden terrors.

‘Foreverglade’ is unquestionably suffocatingly heavy, enveloped in shimmering gloom and a noxious humidity that embodies the enigmatic mysteries and monstrous essence of the murk. Worm has reached a new pinnacle of creative sorcery, hinting at the vast depths yet to be unveiled from beneath the mist.

Color Vinyl Images Shown Are Digital Mock Ups Of What The Variant Is Loosely Expected To Look Like Based On Colors And Configuration Requested From The Manufacturer. It Should Not Be Considered A Completely Accurate Representation Of The Final Product. Due To The Unpredictability Of Color Mixing In Vinyl Results Will Vary And Exchanges Due To These Variations Are Not Possible.

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