Includes 24×36 poster.

Worm’s second album, ‘Gloomlord’, released in early 2020, served as a precursor to the monumental impact of ‘Foreverglade’ in 2021. It showcased a significant stylistic progression from the band’s debut and gained a devoted following in the realm of Floridian Funeral Doom.

Previously difficult to obtain in the United States, ‘Gloomlord’ is now being made readily available, coinciding with Worm’s signing to 20 Buck Spin and their upcoming live performances in 2023. Additionally, the album has been fully remastered by Greg Chandler of Esoteric fame at Priory Recording Studios in the UK. The reissued version of ‘Gloomlord’ includes a large poster insert, completing the definitive edition as envisioned by Phantom Slaughter, the band’s leading figure.

Color Vinyl Images Shown Are Digital Mock Ups Of What The Variant Is Loosely Expected To Look Like Based On Colors And Configuration Requested From The Manufacturer. It Should Not Be Considered A Completely Accurate Representation Of The Final Product. Due To The Unpredictability Of Color Mixing In Vinyl Results Will Vary And Exchanges Due To These Variations Are Not Possible.

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